‘The Climate City’ project – The most beautiful climate adaptation project in Denmark

‘Urban Development by Climate Adaptation’ – this is the mantra of ‘The Climate City’ project – Denmark’s large-scale climate adaptation project in the city of Middelfart

The city of Middelfart considers climate adaptation to be both the main driving force behind and an important source of funding future urban development.

Thus, the aim of the project is to find new ways of incorporating climate adaptation into urban development.

A paradigm shift in urban development and in the field of wastewater utility
One of the greatest social and financial challenges of the future is to ensure climate resilient towns and cities. This calls for a pronounced paradigm shift within the fields of urban development and wastewater management.

Using an innovative dialogue-based approach ‘The Climate City’ project focuses on developing innovative solutions that integrate both climate adaptation and urban design through focus on multifunctional design of urban spaces and structures. The project solutions aim to manage rainwater on the ground as a supplement to pipes underground making rainwater a visible urban element.

The objective of ‘The Climate City’ project is that innovative solutions and the principles behind these will become a source of inspiration for the work ahead in integrating urban development and climate adaptation – both nationally and internationally.

The Architectural Competition

The project area


The Architecture Biennale 2016