Climate Harbour Middelfart

“The Climate Harbour” stands on the shoulders of “The Climate City” project – in this case, focusing on urban development coupled with both management of rainwater and the threat of rising sea levels.

Based on the desire to act now, while the problems are at a manageable scale, Middelfart Municipality and Middelfart Wastewater Utility have, in collaboration with Danish and Dutch architects – Bascon, Orbicon, Effekt, De Urbanisten and Boris Brorman Jensen - prepared a development strategy for The Climate Harbour. Next step is a further elaboration of the strategy and a phased realization of the project.

The Climate Harbour Development Strategy describes how the area can be climate proofed, and how, at the same time, the area’s maritime and urban qualities and activities are supported and expanded in ways that strengthen the connections between the harbor area and the city center.

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